Digital Management

bj institute committed to the digitization of cultural heritage and its availability. Many treasures of past civilization are endangered or are ignored in archive chambers. bj institute helps to make the leap into the digital age and to create lasting value.

Swiss VET

bj institute is committed to the promotion and dissemination of the dual education system. Especially for the promotion of Swiss VET (Vocational Education and Training) in India a competent network was created and solution-oriented initiatives that foster awareness and implementation.


October 09 2016

It's about more than just die right technology to take our Cultural Heritage along with us to the future.

September 11 2015

How to unlock Sound and Image Heritage sustainable for the future

August 04 2015

Krishan Khanna from iWatch und Bruno Jehle from bj institute visited FIBL (Research Institute for Organic Agriculture) ... 

August 04 2015

Museums, cultural institutions, foundations and friends who deal with cultural staff at general - they all were invited at this ... 

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