2. International Conference about preservation of audiovisual collections at Padua

It's about more than just die right technology to take our Cultural Heritage along with us to the future.

Archives have to face new challenges today. Previously, the safe custody of historical evidences was the exclusive task. The requests of the professional world as well as the public were brought to the archives. The rarer or more extensive a collection, the more often samples for exhibitions or guest stays for scientists from outside archives were requested. Today the constant publication on the web is crucial for the involvement and interest of research and the general public.

After the first international conference on the subject in Brussels last year, the second one will take place in Padua. Experts and specialists from all over the world meet here to discuss current problems and solutions. Bruno Jehle and Raveendra Eduri will speak on the subject of technology versus competence and the importance of the legal and social framework for archiving projects.

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