WEF Davos - Indian Hub

bj institute announces SOPEX (Solar Power Experience), a program to promote, understand and share individual, practical experience on entry level. The Indian delegation in Davos confirms to support the project.

The SOPEX program (Solar Power Experience) is oriented towards the specific needs of young people from the Indian rural population. To recharge the mobile phone and to have light in the long nights is often an unfulfilled basic requirement due to the insufficiency of power supply. SOPEX brings knowledge and practical experience about solar energy to the schools. Students provide the necessary knowledge to other students which enables them to install a system at home and to use energy consciously. SOPEX does not rely on the usual practice, but rather on a close link between theory and practice. In their own words, the students pass on their acquired knowledge in school classes and media channels. Bj institute is planning the nationwide roll-out of the pilot project (state of Andhra Pradesh). The project was presented to the Andhra government, which has confirmed its support.

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