In many GLAM institutions (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums) there is a need for simple and cost effective digitization processes. Be it that visitors want to make copies of books or documents by themselves, that trainees are responsible for the compilation of stocks or that generally high quality requirements of a digitization project don't match the limited budget in hand - here the bj Reprostation offers a brilliantly simple solution: high-resolution and large-format scans are possible and it can be used as a single point by a wider audience without exposing the internal network to viruses or abuses.

Our Offer

  • Consulting
  • Requirements Analysis - Evaluation
  • Procurement
  • System Configuration
  • Optimization of Workflows
  • Documentation 
  • Training (Hard- and Software)
  • Quality Control





Example: University Neuchâtel - Herbaria

The digitization project of the University of Neuchâtel comprises a collection of 500,000 sheets. In Cooperation with Switzerland Wikimedia a selection of 30,000 leaves are digitized in a first phase. The bj reprostation provides an efficient workflow and a gentle treatment of the originals.

The applied system with integrated lighting allows reproductions allowed to A2, size 300 dpi, suitable for offset printing.

Das eingesetzte System mit integrierter Beleuchtung erlaubt Reproduktionen bis A2, Grösse in 300 DPI, geeignet für Offsetdruck.

GLAM Project Herbarium Neuchâtel

Example: Reprostation for the State Archive of Aargau

With this simple and reliable system, visitors can digitize books and documents in the reading room itself.

Procedure: Load the document, press red button - now the image appears on the monitor, adjust the size by using the crank, press shutter button.

The system provides good results (up to A3 prints) with the existing room light.

The image will be saved directly in the camera to an SD card, this prevents the risk of spreading viruses. The system parameters are optimized for the application and protected. Permanent power supply and automatic switch to the standby modus guarantees constant operational readiness.







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